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True Life

What if your girlfriend scrutinized every move you made on Facebook -- or if your boyfriend seemed more attracted to his Blackberry than you? Today, more and more young people are discovering that the very technology designed to bring them together -- can just as easily tear them apart.

On this episode of True Life, you'll meet two young couples whose obsessive digital habits are threatening to destroy their relationships. Nicole and George are both Facebook junkies -- but Nicole fears that George's online flirting is leading to real-life cheating.

She's demanding an all access pass to his computer and cell phone but George is refusing to give up the goods. Will Nicole learn to trust George -- or will he be forced to sacrifice his privacy in order to salvage their relationship?

Devin is a workaholic who refuses to disconnect from his clients. Now, his girlfriend Susie is pregnant and demanding that Devin curb his excessive cell phone use.

Can Devin unplug and reconnect with Susie before their baby arrives -- or will his electronic addiction ultimately drive them apart? Their digital dependence is destroying their human bonds.

Can they finally silence their devices and start relating to one another again? Find out next on True Life: I Have Digital Drama.
Datum: Donderdag 14 september 2017
Tijd: 12:30 - 13:25
Genre: Documentaire
Subgenre: Reality, Documentaire
Jaar: 2010
Agenda: Google TV
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