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Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?

Seizoen 1 - Aflevering 1 - With the UK's immigration system under scrutiny, this series follows the stories of those desperate to stay in the country and the lawyers tasked with helping them. While some immigrants bring with them the prospect of investment and job creation, others come for asylum and sanctuary.

All are determined to make Britain their home - but it will be up to their lawyers to convince the Home Office to let them stay. Among those hoping to live here is 27-year-old Russian student Valeriya, who moved to the UK when she was 15-years-old.

Valeriya is on her fifth student visa and is now applying for an entrepreneur visa.
Datum: Woensdag 26 juni 2019
Tijd: 02:30 - 03:30
Genre: Overig
Agenda: Google TV
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